QuickLook for Windows

QuickLook for Windows 10: Preview Files Without Opening Them

In this video, we’ll look at QuickLook for Windows. A program that lets you view contents of a file without actually opening them.


GitHub repo -  https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook

Download page – https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook/releases

QuickLook Plugins – https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook/wiki/Available-Plugins

Office Plugin WITH Office Installed – https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook.Plugin.OfficeViewer-Native/releases/tag/1

Office Plugin WITHOUT Office Installed – https://github.com/QL-Win/QuickLook.Plugin.OfficeViewer/releases/tag/4

Font Plugin – https://github.com/jeremyhart/QuickLook.Plugin.FontViewer/releases