MusicBee For Windows: Best Music Manager. Period.

MusicBee For Windows: Best Music Manager. Period.

In this video, I’ll be looking at MusicBee for Windows. MusicBee is a music management program with tons of features and customization. Key features include easy library organization, panels editor, skinning, advanced tagging, plugin support, smartphone syncing, auto tagging, internet radio, and file converter.


00:00 Intro
00:11 Getting MusicBee
01:18 Starting MusicBee The First Time
02:15 Playback Controls
02:54 Using Panels
05:01 Adding Music To Library
08:16 Creating Playlists
11:21 Editing Panels
14:21 Mini, Compact, and Theater Mode
16:02 Changing Skins
17:05 Exporting and Importing Panels Layout
18:42 Internet Radio
19:45 Editing Music Tags
21:05 Music Converter


MusicBee Website –

Get Skins –

Get Plugins –

Additional Codecs and My Panels Layout –