How To Use Rclone For Windows

How To Use Rclone For Windows

Rclone is a free and open source command line tool used to access and sync files from various cloud services. With it, you can upload, download, move, and sync files from your PC to services like Amazon S3, BackBlaze, or Google Drive.

In this video, I’ll show you how to set up and use Rclone with Google Drive. I’ll also show you how to add services like Amazon S3, and how to mount cloud folders as a drive in Windows.


00:00 Intro
00:00 Downloading Rclone
00:33 Setup
01:09 Adding Rclone To Path
01:58 Adding A Cloud Service (Google Drive)
04:37 Listing Files and Folders
06:15 Uploading Files
08:58 Downloading Files
09:59 Moving Files
11:33 Deleting Files and Folders
13:17 Creating Folders
13:52 Syncing Folders
15:42 Mounting Cloud Folders
18:15 Auto Mounting Folders With Task Scheduler
19:56 Adding Another Cloud Service (Amazon S3)
22:16 Rclone Config File


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