Notepads App for Windows

Notepads App for Windows

Notepads App is a lightweight, UWP notepad app that offers a little more than what the ancient notepad in Windows has. It’s more than regular notepad, but not as bulky as IDEs such as Visual Studio Code.

Features include markdown previews, full-screen mode, overlay mode, change comparisons, and a handful of text editor and personalize settings.


00:00 Intro
00:07 Downloading and Installing
00:22 A Tour of Notepads App
01:29 Previewing Markdown Files
01:56 Comparing Changes
02:25 Text Editor Settings
02:59 Personalize Settings
03:30 Advanced Settings
03:56 Limitations


Notepads App Website 👉🏾

Microsoft Store page 👉🏾

Notepads App Github Page 👉🏾

Donate and support Notepads App here 👉🏾