Restic Backup for Linux

Restic Backup for Linux

In this video, I give you a crash course on the Restic backup and restore command line tool in Linux. As stated in my first Restic video, Restic is a lightweight and easy to use command line backup tool. You can use it to back up your files to USB storage, a network drive, or to many cloud services providers such as Amazon S3, Backblaze, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

Restic supports de-duplication and snapshots. My only knock is that it still doesn’t yet support compression, despite being in development for some time.


Restic Download 👉🏾
Restic Website 👉🏾
Restic Documentation 👉🏾
Restic on GitHub 👉🏾

Supported Cloud Services:

Amazon S3 👉🏾
BackBlaze B2 👉🏾
Google Cloud Storage 👉🏾
Microsoft Azure 👉🏾
Wasabi 👉🏾

and many more.