How To Use Filters In Rclone

How To Use Filters In Rclone

Rclone lets you filter out files to include and exclude in your backups/sync. You can use simple --include to only include files and folders, --exclude to only exclude, or --filter to tell Rclone to include AND exclude specific files and folders.

In this video, I’ll show you how to filter files and folders with Rclone’s various filters flags. Then I’ll give you a live sync demonstration of using a filter file with many rules.

I also briefly cover filtering by size, time, and how --delete-excluded works.

00:00 Intro
00:49 –exclude
02:43 –include
03:49 –Filter
07:08 Filtering Folders
10:24 Filtering Files
13:34 Creating A Filter File
14:22 –exclude-from
15:45 –include-from
17:11 –filter-from
20:54 Using Filters With Delete
22:07 –min-size and –max-size
23:24 –min-age and –max-age
23:58 –dump filters
24:15 Full Backup Filter Demo
27:24 –delete-excluded
30:03 Conclusion


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