Restic Guide for Windows Part 1: Introduction

Restic Guide Part 1: Introduction

Restic is a powerful backup program that allows you to backup to USB drives, network storage, and the cloud. It’s become my absolute favorite backup program. So much so that I’ve decided to create an entire series on it. In this video, I introduce you to Restic.


👌🏾 Restic can backup to popular cloud services such as Amazon S3, Backblaze, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, and more.
👌🏾It’s fast as all hell. Probably the fastest backup program on PC.
👌🏾Encryption – safe and secured backups.
👌🏾Has compression – can create small backups.
👌🏾Has deduplication – won’t backup the same data twice.
👌🏾Easy to use commands – literally a child can learn restic.
👌🏾Backup filtering – include and exclude certain files from backup.
👌🏾Cross-platform, free and open source.


00:00 Intro
00:12 Features
00:37 Encryption
00:45 Versioning
01:00 Deduplication
01:07 Compression
01:41 Speed
02:00 Ease of Use
02:23 Backup and Restore Example
06:28 Next Up


Restic website –
Restic on GitHub –
Restic documentation –