How To Restore Clonezilla Disk Images In Windows

Restore Clonezilla Disk Image In Windows

Did you know it is possible to browse Clonezilla disk images in Windows? Clonezilla Util is a program that lets you mount Clonezilla and Rescuezilla images as letter drives in Windows. You can mount disks as folders, iso files, or even export the images to iso files to browse without using Clonezilla Util.

FYI: This program takes a log time to create cache of disk image. You could be waiting a good 30 mins before you can actually browse the disk. And thats for a disk image about 70 gigs in size on a high performing NVMe drive.

NOTE: If you’re running into permissions access denied, try copying specific files instead of entire folders.


00:00 Intro
00:15 Installing Clonezilla Util and Dokan Driver
01:41 Mounting As Letter Drive
03:26 Mounting Image As ISO Files
04:20 Exporting Image As ISO Files
05:25 Drawbacks


Clonezilla Util by fiddyschmitt

Dokan driver –

My interactive script for clonezilla util –