Restic Guide Part 22: Removing Snapshots

Restic Guide Part 22: Removing Snapshots

In this video. I’ll show you the many ways you can remove snapshots in a restic backup. We’ll look at the forget and prune commands, forget + prune, removing snapshots by filters, group-by, –keep-last, and the other retention policy options. I’ll also show you how to create a batch script to automate removing snapshots based on retention policy.


00:00 Intro
00:18 Removing A Single Snapshot
00:47 Removing Multiple Snapshots
01:04 Removing Latest Snapshot
01:27 Using The Prune Command
02:23 Using Forget and Prune Together
02:51 Removing Snapshots By Path
03:30 Using –keep-last
04:28 Removing Snapshots by Tag
05:05 Removing Snapshots By Host
05:36 Combining Filters
06:04 Removing Snapshots by Group
08:41 Group By “” (None)
10:00 Removing Snapshot by Retention Policy
13:15 Testing Retention Policy
14:05 Automating Retention Policies With Windows Task Scheduler



Removing Snapshots documentation –

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